Rooms at Chypons

Chypons provides Care Service for 27 residents aged over 65 years for both male and female clients.

We have 23 single and 2 double rooms spread across three floors which are accessed by stairs, two lifts and a stair-lift. Chypons accommodates wheelchair access and there are conveniently placed ramps and handrails.

Most rooms are en-suite with a private toilet and wash basin. All rooms are fitted with a Nurse Call System. Hence in the event of an emergency help and assistance are only moments away.

There is also a Freeview television in each room.

You can bring in your hobbies like XBox, Art, Sports, etc.

You will be encouraged to maintain your independence with personal care and bathing. However assistance is always available if this is needed or requested. Family, friends and residents are encouraged to come and go as they please, obviously advising us when they will be off site.

Off premises we have no responsibility for your health and safety, and we will ask you to sign in and out in order to comply with Health and Safety Legislation and Fire Regulations.

We provide a locked box safe for valuables in your room. However, we recommend such items be stored in the secure safe in the office.

Home from Home

There are no set visiting times, your friends and relatives are always welcome at any reasonable hour. They will be offered tea or coffee just like you would in your own home, and they are welcome to join you for meals (a small charge will apply).

You may go to bed and get up whenever you choose, and assistance will always be available if you require it. Likewise breakfast will be provided at a time of your choosing.

You are encouraged to eat in the dining room but you can choose to eat in the privacy of your own room or at a mobile table in the company of other residents in Lounge.

Non-Smoking Policy
Chypons has a non-smoking policy within the building.

If you wish to smoke outdoors we have a special smoking area. A Staff member will always be present to guide and assist.