Meals & Dining

5 star Quality Food: Meals & Dining at Chypons
We have been awarded Gold Standard status from the Healthy Living Initiative; which recognises our superior standard of hygiene, fresh local produce and healthy menu.

We ensure we meet your hydration and nutritional needs and all diets are catered for, such as vegetarian, diabetic, gluten free, Celiac diets and allergies to particular foods. Also, if you have an inability to chew or have problems swallowing, a soft food diet is available.

There is a choice of two main meals for lunch each day, and the menu is regularly reviewed to provide variety.

You can ask for hot or cold drinks at any time of day or night, meanwhile morning tea and coffee with biscuits and afternoon tea and cakes are offered to every resident and visitors alike.

At supper there is a choice of light hot or cold meals.

All meals are from local suppliers and prepared here.

Lunch & Supper
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  • Roast Chicken, Fish in Sauce, Minced Beef, Cornish Stew and dumplings, Prawn Cocktail, Cottage Pie, Salmon with potatoes, Lasagne

    & much more ...
Vegetarian / Vegan
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  • Special dietary needs can be catered for
  • Vegetarian / Vegan
  • Diabetic / Gluten free
  • Celiac diets and allergies to particular foods
Weekly Specials
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  • Sunday Roast
  • Friday Fish & Chips
Festive Moments
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  • Birthday Cake including Gifts & Flowers
  • Family can be present at dinner at small charge
  • Musical arrangement can be organised for you
Some examples of our available Lunch & Supper Menus
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5 Star Award for Food & Hygiene

Roast chicken with potatoes and vegetables, Tiramisu / Ice Cream
Salmon with potatoes and vegetables / Pork chops with potatoes and vegetables, Rice pudding / Yoghurt
Roast beef with roast potatoes and vegetables, Tiramisu / Ice cream
Gammon and leek pie with potatoes and vegetables / Bacon salad, bread and butter pudding / Ice cream
Battered fish with chips and peas / Fish in sauce with mash and peas / Ham and egg with chips and mash, Jam sponge and custard / Ice cream
Lasagne / Meatballs and vegetables, Apple pie and ice cream / Cheese and biscuits

Scampi and chips / Cheese and tomatoes on toast, Pineapple upside down cake with custard / Ice cream
Pouched egg on toast / Ham with saute potatoes, Fruit and cream / Yoghurt
Savoury flan with potatoe salad / Choice of sandwiches, Swiss roll / Yoghurt
Home made soup / Choice of sandwiches, Strawberry mousse / Ice cream
Prawn cocktail / Pouched egg on toast, Raspberry and ice ceam / Yoghurt
Spaghetti on toast / Corned beef and chips, Fruit and ice cream / Cheese and biscuits